Nordic Walking South Manchester Parkrun

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Nordic Walking South Manchester parkrun

I Nordic walked South Manchester parkrun last Saturday, which was a fantastic experience. I love that parkrun is such an inclusive event: you can run, jog, walk or even Nordic walk; you can get all competitive and see it as a race against others or a race against yourself, or you can have a relaxed morning jog around the park (sunshine does help); you can push through to the finish line, or you can take it easy and alternate between running and walking; and you can keep to yourself, or interact with a community of like-minded people.

I was afraid I might hold everyone up, but luckily I didn't come last, and the fact that there are marshals and a tail runner who encourage you and cheer you on helps a lot. I felt a bit funny when the 'serious' runners started lapping me, but it's the taking part that counts... I finished in 41:37 and I can't wait to give South Manchester parkrun another go and to try Nordic walking Burnage and Heaton parkrun as well.

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