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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Flooding in Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury

Flooding in Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury, January 2017

One of the participants in last Saturday's Beginners' Workshop told us about the following exchange she'd had with her son right before coming to the session:

Mum: "I'm going Nordic Walking."

Son: "Well, Mum, sorry - but it'll still just be Manchester Walking..."

Made me laugh! It was especially pertinent as last Saturday was one of those relentlessly soggy days typical of Manchester in January. All of Fog Lane Park exuded a damp, musty, almost mouldy smell - a potpourri of mud, leaf mush and dog poo - and transporting ourselves to a slightly more scenic location - perhaps the Scandinavian countryside? - was a true stretch of the imagination.

I know I'm not particularly selling Nordic Walking with this description, but you'll have to believe me that all of the participants came away smiling, invigorated and refreshed. Nordic Walking definitely put the proverbial spring in our step - even if it was 'Manchester Walking' in muddy Fog Lane Park.

So I very much hope you'll join us for some more 'Manchester Walking' in February!

(Keep an eye out for details of more Taster Sessions and Beginners' Workshops - to be announced soon.)

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