Celebrity Nordic Walkers

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Although we certainly don't need celebrities to convince us about the benefits of Nordic Walking, I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of celebrities who endorse Nordic Walking or who are keen Nordic Walkers themselves. (I would define 'celebrities', quite loosely, as people with frequent or high media exposure.)

The ones I've come across are, in no particular order:

Clare Balding trying Nordic Walking in Nottingham

Clare Balding Nordic Walking with INWA instructors Catherine Hughes and Rachel Davis

BBC presenter, journalist and writer Clare Balding covered Nordic Walking on her BBC Radio 4 programme Ramblings. You can listen to the episode Nordic Walking in Bramcote Park, Nottingham, which was broadcast in March 2015, here.

Beauty entrepreneur Liz Earle writes about why Nordic Walking is her favourite form of exercise here. See also this FT article, in which she explains why she loves her 'daily stomp' with poles.

TV presenter and outdoors survivalist Bear Grylls features Nordic Walking in his book Great Outdoor Adventures (in the chapter on Hiking).

TV presenter Julia Bradbury is known to be a fan of Nordic Walking. Above she is pictured at the Peak District Walking Festival with INWA instructor Elizabeth Charnley.

Former professional triathlete and four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Chrissie Wellington said in 2015 that she's become a Nordic Walking convert and that she would like to see more Nordic Walkers involved in Parkrun.

BBC One Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell recently tweeted: "A walk with a work out. ? In Nordic walking ur like a 4 wheel drive car . @bbcgetinspired 4 more email info@britishnordicwalking.org.uk".

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