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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Welcome to NordicFit+: Nordic Walking+Fitness in Manchester! For our first blog post, here's a roundup of interesting Nordic Walking links and articles from around the web:

Nordic Walking

Should You Try Nordic Walking? The activity can benefit elite athletes and people with chronic illnesses alike. Here’s what it’s all about - U.S. News & World Report Wellness

Describes the many health benefits of Nordic Walking and provides the following advice:

+ Drop stereotypes

+ Seek instruction

+ Invest in proper equipment

+ Ditch pride

Five ways to make your walk work harder. Nordic walking with poles and weights burns more calories, and tones you up – try these simple moves to get started - The Guardian Fitness

Recommendations from Nordic Walking National Coach Steve Ellis:

+ Focus on good foot placement

+ Try a relaxed, pendulum-like arm swing from the shoulder

+ Add Nordic Walking poles

+ Add extra weight, such as a backpack containing bottles of water

+ Add in walking lunges

Nordic Walking

Emma's Eccentric Britain: Nordic Walking in County Durham. Nordic walking may sound like a fad, but Emma Kennedy finds it does wonders for her bingo wings - The Guardian Travel

Emma tries a Nordic Walking lesson and here's how she describes the experience:

'"Blimey," I say, after we complete the drag and pole-sticking drills. "The back of my arms hurt. What's that about?"

"That's your bingo wings," says Peter. "No offence. You're working all your upper body without knowing it. Nordic Walking is amazing."

There's a trick to the last part of the drill. It's the propellant technique, the bit that "puts the spring in your step" as Peter likes to call it. You use the poles to push yourself forward and he's right, it makes you bounce. And that bounce takes all the stress away from your joints, from your ankles right up to your neck.

It's clear from the off that this is just as much about the social gathering as it is about the exercise.

By the end I'm invigorated and I feel as if I've had a proper work-out. In fact, I'm aching.'

The fitness benefits of Nordic walking. Nordic walking is a supercharged fitness routine that will give you a full-body workout. Learn more about the benefits of this low-impact exercise - Reader's Digest Best Health (Canada)

Explains the following health benefits of Nordic Walking:

+ It keeps you fit and energized when you have an injury

+ It's a great alternative to running

+ It improves your posture

+ It's a great workout for pregnant women

+ It's a social workout

Get Inspired: How to get into Walking. Nordic Walking can be seen as taking your nature walk to the next level, using poles to work the upper body and push the legs a little harder than they would be otherwise - BBC Sport Get Inspired

Features recommendations regarding:

+ Urban walking

+ Walking groups

+ Rambling and hiking

+ Nordic Walking

+ Race walking

+ How to start your own walking group

Nordic walking. Nordic walking is a full-body exercise that's easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Find out about Nordic walking technique, the health benefits and getting started - NHS Choices Live Well

Provides short answers to the following questions:

+ What is Nordic walking?

+ Who is Nordic walking suitable for?

+ What equipment do you need?

+ What difference do the poles make?

+ What's the technique?

+ What are the health benefits of Nordic walking?

+ Is Nordic walking hard on your joints?

+ How do you get started?

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