Nordic Walking 'Elevator Pitch'

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Nordic Walking in Didsbury, along the River Mersey

Nordic Walking has become quite a common and well-known activity here in Britain, so we don’t get too many bemused looks any more when out and about. Comments I used to attract include:

  • “Have you lost your skis?”

  • “Is this pavement skiing?”

  • “Are you training for an Arctic race?”

  • “Where’s the snow?”

  • “This is just posh walking, isn’t it?”

So I would stop and explain, and depending on how much time there was (and how interested people really were), I would say something like this:

A few seconds:

It’s like cross-country skiing without the snow!

5 seconds:

It’s walking with specially designed poles. You push yourself forward with the poles, so your upper body gets a really good workout, too!

10-15 seconds:

It’s enhanced walking with poles –- the movement resembles cross-country skiing without the snow or working out on a cross-trainer (it’s ideal for people who aren’t too keen on a gym or who want to spend more time outdoors). When done properly, it has lots of health benefits. It’s suitable for everybody – inactive people, athletes, children, older people, patients diagnosed with a variety of health conditions, etc. – and you can do it on your own or with a group!

What to add if you have 20 seconds or more:

I’d have much more to add, but at this point, people are usually either interested enough to give it a try, or they have decided it’s not for them, which is sad – because we all know they’re missing out –but fair enough!

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