How Nordic Walking Has Benefitted Me (Dorothy & Peter)

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Thankfully, the benefits of Nordic Walking for fitness, health and wellbeing have become more and more widely known in the UK and are now recognised by the NHS, Public Health England and the Centre for Ageing Better. There is a vast amount of research into the benefits, and we have probably all seen the usual figures (uses 90% of the body's muscles, burns 20-40% more energy, etc.), but to round off the picture, I asked some of the participants in my Manchester Wellbeing Fund supported Nordic Walking sessions to summarise how Nordic Walking has made a difference to their personal fitness, health and wellbeing since joining my groups.

NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Chorlton Water Park, Manchester
Joyful and colourful: our NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Chorlton Water Park

For the first instalment, let's hear what Dorothy and Peter had to say:

"I am physically stronger and fitter, and I know myself well enough to know I would not stick at attending a gym in the same way. Taking exercise outside in nature, whatever the weather, with others, makes it so much more fun and restorative.
Marion always varies our walks and mixes it up with exercises, as well as keeping us all on track with our technique, so learning is also part of it.
I have met so many people through Nordic walking and people I believe I would never have come across otherwise. It is a social “light touch” when walking and the connection with others is truly uplifting and interesting. I am improved physically and emotionally as a result and have many new people in my life through this accessible activity."
- Dorothy, 60
NordicFit+ Manchester Wellbeing Fund Nordic Walking group in Chorlton Water Park
Stretching in the shade
"The Nordic walking sessions have been extremely beneficial to my personal health. I feel energised after each session and the method of walking really feels different. The warm up and down sessions are fantastic and really leave me feeling set up for the rest of the day and week.
The way the walks are structured is great; the opportunity to meet and chat with different people whilst walking in some beautiful country side taking in some fresh air is beneficial to my mental well being as well as physical. The chance to have different conversations with people from alternative walks of life to my own is a chance not to be missed in a group of friendly people.
I would recommend that anyone who is remotely able should take up this activity and enjoy some great company exhilarating exercise and take in the scenery and enjoy the wildlife as it changes through the seasons."
- Peter, 64

Peter has taken to Nordic Walking so well, in fact, that he is currently looking into training as a Walk Leader with British Nordic Walking!

I will post more feedback in the next few weeks - the way my groups talk about Nordic Walking really is a great plug for the activity.

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