How Nordic Walking Has Benefitted Me (Anne, Tom & Margaret)

It's Anne's, Tom's and Margaret's turn to tell us what difference Nordic Walking with our Manchester Wellbeing Fund supported groups in Chorlton Water Park and Wythenshawe Park has made to their health and wellbeing:

Everyone in the group is friendly and although I know several people who attend, I have made new friends and acquaintances since joining the group. Being outdoors in all weathers is definitely a mood lifter for me, and by varying the route I have become familiar with different parts of the Water Park and surrounds.
Marion is a supportive and kind instructor who makes sure she speaks to each of us during the walking sessions, giving helpful advice on technique. The gentle warm up at the beginning and stretching session at the end of the walk ensures I never feel stiff or strained later in the day.
I am so pleased someone mentioned Nordic walking to me and I look forward to continuing for the foreseeable future.
- Anne, 61
Nordic walking helps me with my diabetes in reducing blood sugar levels. I find it a very relaxing exercise that i enjoy above other types of outdoor activities. I also think it is a good way of making friends from all types of backgrounds and ages.
- Tom, 64
Although quite new to Nordic Walking I feel that it is a form of exercise that I thoroughly enjoy and one that I expect to be committed to in the future. I am always surprised at the end of a session to feel that my body has been well challenged and that I have a good sense of wellbeing.
As a Diabetes 2 sufferer I feel that I can easily incorporate this form of exercise into my diet and exercise regime.
We are lucky in our group to have an excellent teacher who will guide and encourage us to do the walking efficiently.
- Margaret, 65

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