How Nordic Walking Has Benefitted Me (Nick, Natalie & Marjorie)

Here's why Nick, Natalie and Marjorie love coming to our Wellbeing Nordic Walking groups in Wythenshawe Park and Chorlton Water Park:

NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Chorlton Water Park, Manchester
Our Nordic Walking groups are meeting in all weathers (as long as it's safe, of course!)
We love coming to the Nordic walking group for many reasons. The welcome is friendly and the group is well organised. The warm up exercises at the beginning and the cool down stretches at the end of the session have definitely improved our suppleness over time.
The routine of walking with the poles makes us more aware of our coordination and posture and Marion is always on hand to observe and offer helpful advice so that we maintain a good technique. The fitness aspect is equally important, we do find that an hour of Nordic walking once a week helps to keep us feeling in shape.
Walking through the countryside in each season is a delight. It's great to know the group will meet in all weathers - rain, sun and snow. There have been a number of grey/wet days when we might have opted to stay at home but for the fact that the group exists. After the session we are always glad we made the effort.
We really value the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and exercise while sharing the experience with other people.
- Nick, 72 and Natalie, 67
I started Nordic Walking in June and have introduced some of my friends to it. I feel I have excised all my body but don’t feel worn out at the end. I enjoy the company and the venues. My husband passed away last year and being part of the group has been a bit of a lifesaver.
Some of our groups did a 5Km walk organised by British Nordic Walking at Rivington near Bolton last year. A big achievement for me as it was something that I hadn’t realised I was capable of. We are very fortunate to have such a good teacher in Marion.
- Marjorie, 71

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