How Nordic Walking Has Benefitted Me (Ros & Roz)

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Wythenshawe Park, Manchester
Our NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Wythenshawe Park

Next up in our series of Wellbeing group members talking about how Nordic Walking has benefitted them, Ros (regularly joining our Wednesday group in Wythenshawe Park) and Roz (walking with the Tuesday group in Chorlton Water Park):

"1. It is great for me to be able to walk quite fast again despite arthritis in my hip. 
2. I am trying to rebuild the muscles in my right leg and Nordic walking is helping with that. It also takes stress off my pelvis and hip joints. 
3. It enables me to exercise much of my body, not just my legs. I didn't understand this until I started Nordic walking.
4. I am reluctant to walk alone in quiet spaces and enjoy the company of the group.
5. I enjoy the fact that I don't notice how far we have walked as the group is so sociable. 
6. I have confidence in the walk leader for support and especially because she is so careful about getting us warmed up and cooled down. I have tried other activities where little importance was attached to this. This isn't a good idea for ageing arthritic bodies! 
7. I like the way this activity is so accessible and local, making good use of our local open spaces. I can miss the odd week and then be welcomed back, and join in without further training! 
8. I always feel taller and happier when we finish our walk!!"
- Ros, 66
NordicFit+ Nordic Walking group in Wythenshawe Park, Manchester
We finish each Nordic Walking session with gentle stretches
"I can feel Nordic walking is strengthening my muscles and improving my posture awareness. I like the feeling of the boost the poles give you from behind - I find it energises me more than ordinary walking. The warm-up & cool-down exercises at the beginning & end of the sessions help to make us aware of taking care of our muscles and joints and the use of the poles as props help us to stretch and keep our balance.
I enjoy chatting to members of the group as we walk along. I see some people I know quite well already, but I also get talking to someone new nearly every week. 
I find the experience of nordic walking in the lovely landscape of the Water Park invigorating and I am enjoying observing the seasonal changes on a regular basis."
- Roz, 61

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